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Essex Lake Group understands that the value of our findings and the transformative solutions we deliver to clients is not realized until the solutions are understood and successfully implemented.

Implementation can be challenging, as the complex nature of big data analyses and solutions may make them difficult to digest and apply.

Therefore, at Essex, we deliver our solutions on interactive, customized Visibility Tools, which provide integrated multidimensional views of all data.

The Visibility Tools allow the client to examine the data at all levels of granulation: by single location, project, division or cost center, and the ability to quickly diagnose problems through real-time “what-if” scenario analysis.

These tools are created for different business uses and levels of management. They provide instant insights into key business drivers and metrics via an intuitive, user-friendly interface on a touch-pad that helps identify the root causes of business problems. 

Essex’s customized visibility tools offer our clients the ability to make impactful business decisions today, and continue to monitor their business and make long-term impactful business decisions tomorrow.