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At Essex Lake Group, we bring significant global executive experience and proven solutions to identify and manage risk, by utilizing corporations’ proprietary internal data sets and combining them with outside data sources.

We focus on managing risk in a balanced fashion to achieve maximum and sustained profitability while maintaining a safe and sound control environment. We translate overall organizational risk appetite and provide granular support to various units in managing risk in line with our appetite while meeting business goals. After our Industry Experts and Profit Enhancement and Implementation Specialists diagnose the nature of risk management transformation needs in a specific business area, we utilize cutting-edge analytical algorithms to achieve an accelerated and measurable impact to the identification and mitigation of the potential risks.

Essex solutions bring new perspective to organizational risk functions, which are facing continuously evolving risk challenges and changing macro-economic market conditions. Our advanced simulation solutions allow rapid uncovering of risks in every potential scenario and allow organizations to build proactive rules and policies. Working closely with a client’s internal risk team, Essex’s Customer & Enterprise Analytics Group develops customized Big Data analytics and visualization tools to reduce and eliminate obvious and hidden exposures that could jeopardize a corporation’s financial and operational capacities.

To date, Essex solutions have impeded hundreds of millions of dollars in loss prevention, offering ROIs of 10x-30x for many of our clients.