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At Essex Lake Group, we deliver revenue growth through lifecycle optimization — from acquisition to retention. Our unique solutions help clients across all drivers of revenue, including customers, market channels, products and customer experience. We utilize our executive experience, big data, advanced analytics and visibility tools to provide insights that positively impact our clients' profitability by identifying opportunities and developing customized solutions to capture these opportunities. Examples include transforming your business processes, identifying best and most profitable customers and optimizing your marketing, advertising and distribution costs for efficiency and effectiveness.

We have successfully identified a variety of different approaches to revenue growth for companies and implemented programs to maintain customer loyalty through improved customer experience, which identify the most profitable customers – and the least profitable or most risk-producing customers for a client, create up-sell and cross-sell programs for existing customers, and develop differentiating pricing models. 

Our ability to identify and develop customized customer-centric approach is based on our industry-leading data-handling ability and our proprietary advanced analytics. Our programs often utilize unstructured data, including text and images available from the proliferation of social media and mobile devices. This data is integrated with a client's proprietary data, therefore we are able to detect trends at the nexus of customer, product and operational data sets that were previously invisible.

Essex understands that some strategies that produce short-term growth may result in the loss of revenue in the long-term. We factor this as well as other business intelligence into the final solution we deliver to prevent any long-term loss to the client.

Essex’s customized visibility tools present our findings in a manner that is understandable, and implementable by CXOs and middle management. As with all Essex assignments, we work with our clients to implement our solutions and generate incremental revenue streams as a result.