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Essex Lake Group’s ability to deliver transformative business solutions comes from the varied skills and experience of the talented individuals we have brought together to become part of a cutting-edge team that is making an impact on Fortune Global 500 Firms.

Our colleagues include:

  • Experienced Industry Executives with decades of C-level and Board-level experience and expertise in driving implementation efforts in large organizations.
  • Subject Matter Experts in functional specialties such as Marketing, Customer Management, Retail Banking Products and Telecoms come from the leading consulting/corporate organizations in the world.
  • Profit Enhancement Specialists from top global universities such as the IITs, IIMs, and Delhi School of Economics in India, Peking University, Tsinghua University and  Fudan University in China, and Harvard, Wharton, and MIT in the United States.
  • Quantitative Specialists -- The Best and the Brightest from the top universities around the world – the U.S., Europe, China, India and elsewhere, holding advanced degrees in quantitative fields like mathematics, physics, computer science and economics and specializing in advanced mathematical and modeling techniques (e.g. neural networks, machine learning), dealing with Big Data, and using distributed algorithms to manipulate large complex datasets.
  • Visibility and SolutionWare Experts – Creating breakthrough technologies that provide a clear understanding of huge complex data sets, and support for decision-making at all levels of a corporation.

While we value our experienced professionals, we place great importance on developing the leaders of tomorrow – in every business category.

To accomplish this, Essex has created a rigorous training program composed of entry-level boot-camp training, continuous on-the-job training and advanced programs for management levels. Additionally, Essex Lake Group’s Mentorship program aims to provide each staff member with an advisor that they can go to with issues and concerns during the course of their Engagements.

The melding of these varied skill sets is made possible through Essex’s collaborative environment that encourages brainstorming and discussions resulting in the best ideas. Additionally, we benefit from the diversity of cultures thanks to our global structure with 200+ professionals in our New York, Shanghai, New Delhi and London offices.