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At Essex Lake Group, we focus on capturing significant profits & benefits early in the implementation cycle such that the project can pay for itself. Our solution architecture combines cutting edge specialists aided by Essex Customizable solution components to solve client's business problems and implement the solution. 

Our Industry Experts, with decades of experience in C-suite and functional management positions, work with client leadership to develop a set of measurable objectives for the delivery of customized solutions. These experts utilize their prior C-suite experiences in the problem solving process and help implement the solution.

Our profit enhancement specialists analyze your business to identify potential root causes of the identified business challenge. Based on this we create a hypothesis-driven engagement plan for developing and deploying the appropriate customized solution. 

Our data scientists determine what data is available, what data will be needed to deliver on the engagement plan, which may include data from internal and external sources, and unstructured data from social media and sources such as call center notes. We integrate all these data to build our 3600 data sphere and use it to explore root causes and patterns, and build advanced models to drive insights and decisions. 

As client's business processes and environment have become increasingly complex, the insights and outcomes generated by our analytics can be viewed in multiple ways.  We create a visibility layer to present it in a way that it can be utilized and implemented by key client personnel at different levels of management. This visibility is customized to each level of management and element of the assignment. It offers the ability to not only implement solutions but to continue monitoring and adjusting business activities and decisions on a continual basis.

Using these outcomes, Essex Profit Enhancement Specialists and Industry Experts work with you to drive implementation of the custom solution.

The Essex Global Delivery Footprint allows 24x7 “follow the sun” operations, resulting in accelerated delivery of solutions to our clients.