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Essex is able to deliver customized transformative solutions to our clients due to the vast experience, knowledge and understanding our Industry Experts bring to each assignment. Their understanding of the client’s business and the assignment is critical to designing, tailoring, and implementing our solutions, and drives our research and development.

Among the many areas of specialization are real estate, information and communications technology, call center operations, fraud prevention, and collections. 

Dr. Paul Chen
Senior Vice President, Risk & Fraud Solutions
Ricardo Cuervo
Global Head, Technology Solutions
Neil Dias
Senior VP, Expense Reduction Solutions
Pamela Knox
Senior Vice President, Customer Value Growth Solutions
Jim Linn
Senior Vice President, Financial Services
Shawn N. Olds
Senior Vice President Global Business Development
Ted Paris
Global Head, Revenue Growth Solutions
Dean Richards
Senior Vice President, Financial Services
Clinton Ritchie
Managing Director & Global Head, Expense Reduction Solutions