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The Essex Global Delivery Engine allows us to deliver customized big-data transformative solutions in an accelerated time frame.

Essex has developed the Delivery Engine model to focus on innovations & best-in-class IP development, and customized versions of solutions that we have created for specific assignments delivered in a short time frame.

We have horizontal groups, with their own area of expertise and value proposition - Advanced Distributed Machine Learning, Customer & Enterprise Analytics, Investigation & Publications (In-depth industry research etc.), Spend Analytics and SolutionWare support the work of our dedicated client teams. 

After the dedicated Essex client team completes initial diagnostics of the problem, our teams begin the process of data integration and applying advanced analytics, proprietary algorithms and cutting-edge modeling techniques to develop customized solutions for our client.

Our Library of “ready-made” outputs from the core delivery engine from prior engagements aids in the scalability of operations.

Our Investigation & Publications group provides a broad range of services, from competitive benchmarking to publishing white papers, to help client teams with robust industry/sector- specific best practices and research and analysis.

The SolutionWare team develops customized visibility tools, to make implementation accessible to client CXOs and Middle Management.

Should new data or new marketplace criteria create the need for adjustments to the client solution, the dedicated core delivery engine teams will work on an updated solution around the clock, and deliver an implementable version on an accelerated timetable.

Our global structure allows Essex Teams to work around the clock and deliver highly customizable solutions that guarantee measurable results for the clients.