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Essex is at the forefront of Big Data science  -- advanced analytics and modeling. We continually strive to develop new proprietary tools and solutionware.

To push the science forward, Essex Labs was formed. Its staff, comprised of PhDs and Associate Engineers, were hired to develop new technologies around Big Data. To date they have achieved breakthroughs in several areas, including storage technology, where they have deployed a new kind of structure using smaller computers and larger multiple node service to drive and manage vast scalable output. Essex Labs has pioneered new uses of memory technology for in-memory computation; new techniques for cpu computing; significant add-on additions to open source tools; advanced text mining turning unstructured data into important components of data sets; optimizing and increasing scalability of algorithms and improving non-linear modeling.

Essex Labs' breakthroughs have enhanced our capabilities to create prediction and recommendation engines, and proprietary developments have increased our in-house capability to handle and analyze huge amounts of data.

All work developed for new assignments is reviewed by lab personnel who determine how to utilize and improve these findings for future assignments

Essex Labs is a driving force behind Essex Lake Group’s ability to be at the forefront of the Business of Big Data.