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Essex Lake Group is at the forefront of defining what Big Data is and how it can be utilized to provide customized, targeted solutions for problems and opportunities that impact your profitability and success. We call it the Business of Big Data.

As a reflection of our corporate culture of collaboration, we believe in sharing our insights and maintaining dialogues within the rapidly evolving Big Data Sphere: so we are offering Essex White Papers, Essex Blogs, Essex News Releases  and Essex Videos for download in this section of our website.

There is a great deal of confusion about Big Data and we believe we can clarify what Big Data is, how it can be utilized, and how it can benefit all organizations.

Our Industry Experts will share their unique insights into the use of Big Data as a driving force in their areas of expertise.

Essex White Papers will provide an overview and analysis of a specific business challenge and how the proper application of Big Data can provide answers that drive positive change.

Essex Thought Leaders will share their viewpoints on topics of current relevance in Essex Blogs.

Cutting edge scientists at Essex Labs will provide a window into new advances in data handling and security, advanced analytics and breakthrough modeling techniques.

We welcome you to the world of Essex. Please visit this section regularly to gain an understanding of how Essex Lake Group is defining the use of Big Data, and how the Essex Solution Architecture can deliver transformative solutions for your company.