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Essex has developed the Delivery Engine model to focus on innovations & best-in-class IP development, and customized versions of solutions that we have developed for specific assignments delivered in a short time frame.

At the Essex Service Center, horizontal groups, each with their own area of expertise and value proposition; Advanced Distributed Machine Learning; Customer & Enterprise analytics; Investigation & Publications (In-depth industry research etc.); Spend Analytics and SolutionWare. These horizontal groups support the work of our dedicated client teams. 

Our research scientists and programmers have advanced academic qualifications. Their day-to-day work consists of developing, designing, testing and refining powerful and constantly evolving analytical approaches and proprietary toolsets, and working across our organization to incorporate them in our solutions and implement them for our clients. 

Dr. Anand Chopra
Head of Research & Publications
Katerina Folkman
GM Asia
Shailesh Ranjan
Head of Customer Analytics Group
Wan Yunfei
GM China/Global Head, Visibility Products