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Essex Lake Group’s ability to create cutting edge solutions for our clients’ business problems is built upon our ability to apply world-class advanced analytic techniques. Over time, Essex has developed significant domain-specific intellectual property, which guides our deep analytics to create the most accurate models that generate superior results.

Essex does not just apply an off-the-shelf solution or furnish a software package to our clients. We continually advance our offerings through the work of our Advanced Distributed Machine Learning (ADML) scientists, who are optimizing algorithms on new data to find incremental or transformative profits. Our new methodologies are used to detect trends in the data, identify root cause of problems and create implementable solutions to be deployed utilizing visibility tools that empower CXOs and Middle Management.

Essex ADML Labs is continually developing new methodologies for current client assignments and pioneering modes of analytics for future engagements. We have developed massively parallelized algorithms, that work on large datasets on industrial strength platforms like Hadoop and GPU. We combine these advanced technological innovations with deep consumer behavior or financial innovations to find new sources of profits.

Examples of advanced methodologies include:

  • Predictive insights into consumer behavior sciences using behavioral analytics-driven navigation models for segregating warm leads from long-term brand visits
  • Deep sequence pattern mining for fraud behavior identification using distributed computing
  • Highly parallelized algorithms using GPU architecture for rapid simulation, online learning and rapid training on neural networks
  • EssexTouch technologies combining decision maker’s dynamic information needs with multi-touch devices
  • Capturing and manipulating new behavioral data sources for consumers (browsing/conversational) to drive new sets of consumer behavior variables; significant utility for these variables in both targeted advertising as well as call to action