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The source of Essex Lake Group's transformative insights is the 360Integrated Big Data Sphere, which is built from Client sources and from external sources determined by Industry Experts and Data Scientists working on the assignment. Our ability to rapidly process terabytes of data into insights from all sources means that the solutions will yield the most impactful results for our clients.

At Essex we pride ourselves in being able to work with all kinds and amounts of data. We conduct data exploration to find hidden sources of data in the client environment, and capture and clean all data before integrating it into the 3600 Big Data Sphere. We utilize data enrichment through powerful domain variables, repeatable and scalable data process development and complex manipulation of data for extracting insights that drive impactful business decisions by our clients.

In addition to structured data, we have the ability to incorporate unstructured data into the data layer. This means that information gleaned on call center notes or chat files can also be utilized to add additional insights and materials to which advanced analytics may be applied.